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What characteristics do rockstar STEM educators have?

Can they be learned?


Elements of Rockstar STEM Teaching

Watch the first virtual workshop in the Voya STEM Virtual Learning Series to get an overview of the 7 characteristics of rockstar STEM teaching and learn how these characteristics impact students' STEM experience. Hosted by Dyane Smokorowski (KS, 2013) and Kristen Record (CT, 2011).

Professional learning that takes your

STEM teaching from good to great!

Next up:

Exposing Students to Real-World Research & Problem Solving

If you've asked yourself the below questions, then the March 16th Twitter chat and March 19th virtual workshop is for you!

  • How can I continuously incorporate real-world learning in my lessons?
  • How can I do this in 10 minutes tomorrow without having to pull an all-nighter?
  • What exists in my community that would be perfect for a lesson I am doing later this semester?

Click the "Learn More" button below for details about the series, fellowship, and resources.

Virtual Workshop RSVP

Learn More About the Series

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